Envato API Token

Evolve Commerce Documentation

Registering your Purchase using an Envato API Token

Now that you've installed your plugin and can enjoy all the amazing features of Evolve Commerce. It's also a good idea to generate a personal token so that you can register you purchase and get access to automatic updates.

Generating a Personal Envato Token

1. Sign in to your CodeCanyon account and follow this Token Creation link.

2. Choose a unique 'Token Name'. For example 'Evolve Commerce'.

3. Check that the following checkboxes are ticked under 'Permissions Needed':

  • View and search Envato sites
  • Download your purchased items
  • List purchases you’ve made
  • Verify purchases you’ve made

4. Check the 'Terms and Conditions' checkbox and click 'Create Token'.

5. You will then see a 'Sucess!' page, with your new token displayed.

6. Copy you new Personal Token and save it to a safe place.

7. Now sign in to your WordPress Admin and go to 'Evolve Commerce' from the left menu. Then go to Settings > General.

8. Enter you Personal Token at the top, where it says 'Envato API Token', and click 'Save'.