Evolve Commerce Documentation

Updating Evolve Commerce

There are three options for updating your Evolve Commerce plugin to the latest version. The first, and recommended way to update your plugin, is to use the automatic update feature by Registering your Purchase using an Envato API Token. The other options are to update the plugin manually using either WordPress or FTP. These methods are very similar to the installation process and require you to download the latest plugin zip file from CodeCanyon first.

Automatic Updates

1. Generate a Personal Envato API Token.

2. Sign in to your WordPress Admin and go to 'Dashboard' from the left menu. Then click 'Updates'.

3. If there is an update available for Evolve Commerce, it will be available under the 'Plugins' section.

4. Check the checkbox next to Evolve Commerce and click 'Update'


Downloading the Plugin for Manually Updating

1. Sign in to your CodeCanyon account, navigate to your 'Downloads' section and look for your Evolve Commerce purchase.

2. Click the 'Download' button and choose to either download the 'Installable WordPress file only', which is the WordPress installable zip file, or choose to download 'All Files & Documentation' which is the full Evolve Commerce plugin package.


Updating via WordPress

1. Sign in to your WordPress Admin and go to 'Plugins' from the left menu.

2. Locate Evolve Commerce and click 'Deactivate'.

3. Once it has been deactivated, then click 'Delete'. This is required in order to update the plugin and no data is lost when deactivating or deleting the plugin.

4. Now that the old version of the plugin has been removed, you can go ahead and install the latest version that you downloaded from CodeCanyon earlier.

Updating via FTP

1. Using an FTP client, log in to the server where your WordPress site is hosted.

2. Locate the 'evolve-commerce' folder under wp-content > plugins, make a backup and then delete it from the server. This is required in order to update the plugin and no data is lost when deleting the plugin files.

3. Unzip the 'evolve-commerce.zip' file that you downloaded from CodeCanyon earlier. If you chose to download the 'All Files & Documentation' package, you will need to unzip the 'Evolve_Commerce.zip' file and then unzip the 'evolve-commerce.zip' within. You should then have a single folder named 'evolve-commerce'.

4. Using your FTP client, upload the new 'evolve-commerce' folder to the wp-content > plugins folder on your server.