Evolve Commerce Documentation


WordPress Widgets are used to add content and features to the widget-ready areas of your WordPress Theme. They are also the main way to add Evolve Commerce content to your WordPress site.

Evolve Commerce adds two additional widget-ready areas to you site:

Category Page Bottom

This widget area is shown at the bottom of all category pages.

Product Page Bottom

This widget area is shown at the bottom of all product detail pages.

Evolve Commerce Filter Widget

The Evolve Commerce Filter Widget is used to display your custom product filters on your site. It doesn't have any settings itself and the same widget is used for both categories and search. It works as a placeholder for your currently applied Setting Group for either Product Categories or Search.


Evolve Commerce Recommendations Widget

The Evolve Commerce Recommendations Widget is used to display one of your custom Recommendations on your site and has the following settings:


This is the Recommendation you would like to display.

Display Type

This is the HTML display type of the Recommendation. Default uses the WooCommerce standard layout. Sidebar uses the WooCommerce sidebar layout.