Evolve Commerce Documentation


Pagination determines how the paging will look and work when this Setting Group is applied.

Use Default Settings

If this checkbox is checked, then this Setting Group will use the Default Settings for pagination.


Pagination Settings

Pagination consists of the following settings, depending on the Paging Type selected.

Paging Type

This is the paging type. It will consist of the following.

  • Default – The standard pagination links
  • Load More – Displays a ‘Load more’ link at the bottom of the products
  • Infinite Scroll – Products will continue to load as you scroll

Previous Text

This is the previous page link text.

Next Text

This is the next page link text.

End Size

This is how many numbers on the start and the end of the pagination links.

Middle Size

This is how many numbers to either side of current page, but not including current page.