Evolve Commerce Documentation


Sorting controls how the products will be sorted when this Setting Group is applied. There are two parts to the sorting settings, Default Product Sorting and Sorting Dropdown Items

Use Default Settings

If this checkbox is checked, then this Setting Group will use the Default Settings for sorting.


Default Product Sorting

The default product sorting is the product ordering that is applied to the products before a user applies a sorting option.

Default Product Sorting 1

This is the first sort that is applied to the products.

Default Product Sorting 2

This is an optional second sort, that is applied to products of the same Sorting 1 value. For example, if your first sort is by Price, this second sort will dictate how products of the same price should be sorted.


Sorting Items

Sorting items are the options that will appear on your site for sorting the products. They can be re-ordered and consist of the following settings:


This is the field in the product data and order that you'd like to use for this sorting option.


This is the name you would like to be displayed on your site for this sorting option.